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"You're manipulating a landlord into renting you a dead guy's apartment at a cut rate, is that right?"
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Today started badly: I overslept, not enough to be late, but enough that I had to rush, which makes me crazy. Next, when I opened email, there were several very demanding, bordering on insulting emails from last Friday, after I'd already left for the day. I waded through and answered them as courteously as possible, without responding as I would have preferred. The rest of the day wasn't much better - my coworkers getting wound up tight over really stupid, unnecessary stuff.

Then, we had our weekly department meeting at 2pm. One of the managers came in a couple of minutes late, obviously distressed, her eyes still red from crying, and visibly shaking. She told us she'd just received a call from a family member who couldn't confirm if it was true, but believed that their nephew had shot and killed himself this morning. She excused herself to go make phone calls and find out what, if anything, had happened.

After she left, the room erupted and several of my coworkers were informing the others about the nephew, what a mess he was, constantly making trouble, etc., and finished the explanation with, "But what do you expect with such crappy parents?!"

My heart felt like it was being dragged over a cheese grater. I wanted to jump to the parents' defense, but I couldn't make my voice work. Then, I spent the rest of the day wondering if that's how people think about Sean, Jeff and me.

Oh well, one of these days, I'm going to resolve this in my head and feel better about it. Until then, I have to don some heavy armor and stop worrying about what other people think/say/do.

But, just for the record, Mondays suck.

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Most of you know that over the past four years, my sister Linda, the Eldest Katzen, and I both lost our sons, our mother, and our sister. Saturday morning, we were talking on the phone and she stated that the two of us should take a few days and forget about everything; no worries, no tears, no responsibilities, and just have fun, like we used to do before life got complicated.

Totally out of the blue, I told her that I've never been to New Orleans. She asked if I had the computer on (like she had to ask), then told me to search for cheap flights from Kansas City, St. Louis, and Tulsa. She started searching for hotel deals. I booked flights from KC and she booked the hotel. The total price for both is so low, I'm too ashamed to quote it.

So, we're heading to the Big Easy and staying on Conti Street in the French Quarter 10/10-10/14!!11!!!eleven!!1!

I barely slept last night, and a couple of times today at work, I got so excited, I actually felt a bit fluttery, bordering on nauseous.

Now, here's where you all come in. Since I've not been at all, and Linda hasn't been for dangerously close to twenty years, neither of us have a real clue what is hot and what is not. Aside from having a Hurricane at Pat O'Brien's and dinner at Oceana, what else do we need to make a point to see/do?

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Aug. 26th, 2011 12:15 pm
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  • Fri, 09:15: Jasmine walked her brother to class this AM wearing strawberry shortcake nightgown, pink flip flops and a Kermit the Frog sherpa hat.
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I saw this listed on the LJ QotD, but rather than respond to that, I thought I'd ask in here. Your answers are what I care to read. ;-)

What is the scariest movie you've ever seen?

I have a double answer:

  • The Exorcist: It was released in 1973, but I wasn't able to see it until 1975, when I had a driver's license. Cathy and I went to the drive in to watch. The book gave me nightmares for weeks, so I thought the movie couldn't possibly be as bad as my imagination. I was wrong. The images weren't so bad, but the whole idea of demon possession . . . still makes me feel like hiding under the bed!

  • Paranormal Activity: Cathy and I saw this at the theater, and it scared us so badly, I actually posted a review at IMDb. Without any embarrassment or shame, I can say that I have NEVER been so frightened just watching people sleep!

Anyone care to play along?

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Aug. 22nd, 2011 12:00 pm
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  • Sun, 17:08: Company here for swimming and dinner. I just heard How can you have pudding if you don't eat your meat?
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Totally spur of the moment, we decided to have guests over for swimming and dinner. Everything went off without a hitch, dinner was delicious and several of the guests are currently dozing on the couch.

I managed to get a few decent snaps but will only share three so as not to spam your whole evening. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mesdames and Messieurs, please allow me to present . . .

Rainbow Cupcakes and Kids on a Stepladder with Cat Butt )

So, True Blood starts in 15 minutes . . . have a great evenin' ever body!

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Currently, I'm drinking coffee and watching A Long Day's Journey Into Night. I'm really not sure why I chose such dark and heavy material this early in the day, but when I found it, I immediately put the remote down.

Miss Katharine Hepburn . . . there just aren't enough words to describe how much I enjoy her. In my opinion, she was never really beautiful, at least in Hollywood's definition of beauty, but that's part of her appeal.

And? Every time I see her on screen, I expect her to say, "We saw the Encantadas, but on the Encantadas, we saw something Melville hadn't written about."

That is all, you're excused. :-D

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation
by Connie

Thursday, 08/04, was a complete do-nothing, not even a shower, total decompress day. It was wonderful. I watched several shows on demand that I had missed at their normal airings.

Friday, 08/05, Les and I did the grocery shopping, I cleaned a bit and did laundry. That evening, my sister Linda and I went to the Art Walk , a fun event held on the first Friday of every month. Local artists of every medium imaginable have their wares up for sale. My favorite was the glass blower, but the heat was so overwhelming, we were driven out rather quickly. Some of the high end galleries have fancy hors d’oeuvres and wine.

After seeing all the sites, we had dinner at Patton Alley and listened to a local band that was actually pretty good, but not a single one of the members looked old enough to be out of high school, let alone playing music in a bar.

When I finally maded it home, I began to have a very frightening pain in the right side of my neck, with corresponding pain and pressure in the right upper arm, along with a “pins and needles” sensation in the right forearm, hand and fingers. I asked Linda to accompany me to the Emergency Room, since it was 9:45pm and the Urgent Care Clinics were closed.

We presented to St. John’s ER at approximately 10:09pm and immediately saw the crowded-almost-to-capacity waiting room. We discussed leaving and coming back later, but the symptoms I mentioned above resumed, so we decided to stay.

The young woman who took my vitals explained that they had been “slammed” most of the evening and I might have to wait several hours to be treated. I told her that I’d already seen the waiting room, but felt it would be in my best interest to stay, and was willing to wait patiently. She apologized once more, and thanked me for being so understanding.

During the wait, I had an opportunity to bond with several of my “co-patients.” One man, who looked exactly like Frank Zappa circa 1978, stated he had been waiting since 6:00pm. Another lady, who had brought in her father, told me they'd been there since 5:00pm. A younger man told me he'd brought his wife in at 6:30pm.

10:45pm: a man presented with a facial laceration. He related that he’d been struck in the head by a glass bottle someone had thrown. When the triage staff had his information entered into the computer, one of them handed him some gauze 4x4s that had been wetted with saline, told him to apply pressure to the laceration and to have a seat in the waiting room. He sat there with blood running down his face and was still sitting there when I was taken back to a room.

Over the next two hours, three people checked in with severe stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. They were directed to sit in the waiting room with the rest of us, and given emesis basins. We got to see and hear them vomiting, and wondered how long before they infected the rest of us.

1:00am: the Assistant Director of Nursing for the trauma center came out and tried to speak to each individual, explaining how busy the physician/nursing staff were in the back, apologize for our long wait, and to see if there was anything she could do to make us more comfortable. I asked her if she could give me a ball park estimate as to how much longer I’d have to wait. She consulted her clipboard and stated there were eleven people ahead of me, and barring any unforeseen ambulances/helicopters/life threatening traumas, I could probably be taken back in the next two or three hours.

3:00am: the elderly gentleman in the wheelchair had a tonic-clonic seizure and vomited all over himself, his wife, his daughter and the floor. Two of the triage staff members brought out towels and attempted to clean him off. They resituated him in the wheelchair and took him back to one of the trauma rooms. The vomit and towels were left on the floor. Approximately fifteen minutes later, two Housekeepers arrived to clean up the vomit, but when they finished, they rolled their dirty cleaning rags up into the vomit covered towels, and dumped the whole mess in a laundry hamper right there in the waiting room.

4:00am: an elderly woman joined us. Her face was so edematous and swollen that the skin was stretched taut and shiny, and her eyelids were almost swollen shut. Her hands matched her face and her feet and ankles had developed a purple, bruised appearance.

5:00am: I'm finally taken back to a treatment room and a doctor came in just minutes later. He apologized for the long wait and stated they’d been “slammed”. We discussed my symptoms; he did a cursory exam of my neck and shoulder, then ordered x-rays and a cervical MRI.

5:07am: A young lady came to escort me to the MRI department. It took thirty minutes to finish the exam, and I was taken to the radiology department for x-rays of my right shoulder and arm.

6:00am: I returned to the treatment room and my nurse asked if I needed anything for comfort or pain relief. I told him I thought I was okay for the time being. He gave me the call light switch and said I should use that if I needed anything at all.

9:00am: When we hadn’t seen or heard from the staff for three hours, my sister went to the nursing desk to see what was going on. One of the nurses stated they were still awaiting the radiology/MRI results. Linda asked if she, the nurse, or the physician could call for the results. The nurse moved some folders and paperwork aside to access the phone and found my radiology reports.

9:20am: a different doctor came in and diagnosed me with a herniated disc between C5-C6 vertebrae, and that he’d spoken with a neurologist for advice on the proper treatment and medications. He gave me prescriptions for steroids, a mild narcotic pain reliever, muscle relaxers, and a sling for my bum arm. We talked for a few minutes more; he answered several questions and then said I could go home.

9:35am: When Linda and I began the walk from ER to the Pharmacy, we saw the elderly gentleman who had seized in the waiting room, still sitting in one of the trauma rooms. Additionally, we saw the swollen lady sitting in a chair in the hallway; she wasn’t even in a room.

9:55am: After we filled my prescriptions and ate some breakfast in the hospital cafeteria, we had to walk back through the ER to access the parking lot we used night before. As we passed the waiting room, we saw the man with the facial laceration still sitting there, looking much worse than before, his whole face looked bruised and his eyes were swollen and puffy.

Saturday, 08/06 - arrived home at 10:07am, and did nothing but sleep and take medicine.

Sunday, 08/07 and Monday, 08/09 - The symptoms were greatly reduced and there was much rejoicing.

Tuesday, 08/10 - I feel even better than yesterday, and if I'm very careful, I can do whatever I need to do without pain or numbness. I'm going to take Thursday and Friday off, just for good measure, and won't make a follow up appointment with the neurologist unless the pain and spasms return.

Now I ask you friends, is that a vacation or is that a vacation?!

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Heard on Entourage, as Vince is leaving an NA meeting:

Vince: Turtle, why did you walk out?

Turtle: Well, I guess I didn't realize there would be so much . . . sharing . . .

Vince: But that's what the meetings are all about. They help you to realize you're not the only fuck up, and you find other people to relate to.

Turtle: That girl who blew her brother for an eight-ball? I don't see how you could possibly relate to her.

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For some inexplicable reason, this past week seems as though it lasted at least two times longer than normal. It is finally Friday, I'm home, and my sister and I are taking the weenie kids out for dinner tonight. The only thing carved in stone is: No Pizza! That is all they ever want to eat and I'm really tired of it.

In other news, more vacation time has been requested and approved. August 4-10 will find me hanging out here, spending time at the pool and liquor will consumed.

Now that you have more information than you could ever want or need, the Fast Seatbelts sign is off and you're free to move about the cabin.

Happy Weekend Ever Body!

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Plan B

Jul. 28th, 2011 05:06 pm
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Due to the fact that LJ doesn't seem to be rebounding, and the strong likelihood that these DDoS attacks will continue, I plan to move my base to Dreamwidth and cross post here. If anyone needs or wants an invite code to Dreamwidth, here are a few. I have more if they're needed.


Even if you don't wish to abandon LJ, it is always a good idea to have a back up plan.
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Believe me, I know that everyone has an opinion, and they are entitled to to voice their opinion. Unfortunately, I have not learned the art of remaining unaffected by people voicing opinions which differ from my own. *sigh*

That said, it is doubly hard to remain unaffected when I read a rant, calling President Obama a snob who thinks we are all are idiots, especially when the rant is full of misspelled words and has no capitalization or punctuation.

I apologize for *my* rant, the 'Fasten Seatbelts' sign is now off and you're free to move about the cabin.
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Cats: We r n ur comfy chare stealin all ur comfyz!

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Jul. 21st, 2011 12:00 pm
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  • Wed, 18:51: It is only Wednesday, but I'm ready for the weekend.

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Jul. 17th, 2011 12:00 pm
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  • Sat, 22:58: Playing with new apps, just ignore me.
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While wandering aimlessly through the tubes, I saw a photo of a very handsome gentleman playing an accordion and it made me remember my beloved [ profile] schadenkatze and a memory she shared with me shortly before she left.

Click Here If You Want To: )
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So, one of my Compassionate Friends who lives in the next building, bought one of these Emery Cat scratch boards and her kittehs won't go near it. She brought it over here to see if mine would like it.

Here is the image from the website:

And this is my house:

It just made me laugh and I felt like sharing . . .
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An unusual problem has arisen and I don't quite know how to deal with it.

On Tuesday, 06/21, I began receiving email for a Catherine Connelly at my gmail address. They are legitimate correspondence, not spam. Tuesday, I received her lab results from a physician's office, and today, I received a car rental reservation confirmation from National Rental.

Since I attempt to be responsible when/if a situation calls for it, I hit reply, stated my identity and that I did not know the intended recipient.

Now, here is the part that makes no sense. My gmail address has been my gmail address since May 2006, because there are messages with that date stamp in the archive.

How did this Catherine Connelly register for a gmail account with MY address?

I checked the knowledge base at GMail and even posted a query at their support forum, but no none has replied yet.

GMail doesn't have a "contact us" address or telephone number.

Another thing niggling at me: Is this Catherine Connelly receiving my email?

*weary sigh*

Please, give me something else stupid to worry about - I have nothing better to do!
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Grandma got a new Canon and made the kids pose for pictures.

I should feel guilty spamming you, but I haven't done it for a looooong time. Deal.

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