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Jasmine and I were at the convenience store on the corner of Glenstone and Grand at approximately 5:00pm. Across the street, on the southwest corner of the intersection, there was a large pick up truck lodged between the base of the traffic light and a telephone pole.

I don't know...

Anyway, we saw at least five police cars, two tow trucks, an emergency rescue vehicle, and I'm not sure what else. Grand was blocked west of Glenstone, and the right south bound lane of Glenstone was closed. It was a complete mess and I'm thrilled we were able to avoid it.

A friend sent this link a few minutes ago.

Wanted Woman Causes 3-vehicle Crash by Speeding Away From Police

Evidently, she really did not want to go to jail...

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Jasmine just appeared at my bedroom doorway, ukulele in hand and declares, "I have to practice my song. I'm going to sing it tomorrow when I wear my new dress."

Delighted, I told her I would love to hear her new song. She told me she just had the first part worked out, but yes, she would sing it for me.

Curtis would you like a cupcake
or would you rather have a beatin'?
If not, I guess we could go to the park
and have fun!

Right now, I'm having visions of gold records, Grammys and ASCAP awards . . .

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Curtis, playing with the basketball my sister Linda gave him:

Hey, do you know why there are black lines on a basketball?

No, I don't, do you?

Because it makes them look awesome! Do you know how to spin a basketball on your finger?

No! I've always wanted to be able to, but never learned. Can you?

No, but there is a coach at my school, and on cold days, he lets us play in the lunchroom. He spins a basketball on his finger, and I bet he can teach you.

Really? What's his name?

Coach Nibble. We just call him Coach, but his name is really Coach Nibble. I bet he can teach you to spin a basketball on your finger. I can ask him, because I know where he works!

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The second generation katzen are with their father and his family for the weekend and Leslie is out with friends. I've finished my chores and decided to redecorate the netbook.

Because of my mad google skills, I was able to find the exact photo I wanted for wallpaper, and to pour gravy on top, it was an HD screen grab! Also, because I'm so delighted, I had to share.

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce my new desktop! )

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Cats: We r n ur comfy chare stealin all ur comfyz!

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While wandering aimlessly through the tubes, I saw a photo of a very handsome gentleman playing an accordion and it made me remember my beloved [ profile] schadenkatze and a memory she shared with me shortly before she left.

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So, one of my Compassionate Friends who lives in the next building, bought one of these Emery Cat scratch boards and her kittehs won't go near it. She brought it over here to see if mine would like it.

Here is the image from the website:

And this is my house:

It just made me laugh and I felt like sharing . . .
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We had a covered dish lunch for one of my office mates on Friday because he's leaving for bigger and better things. The dunderhead twins latched on to the plastic bag I used to tote stuff back and forth and have been playing with it since Friday afternoon. They are so entertaining, I thought I'd share.

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Friday finally arrived! We were tasked with a special project right off the bat, so I didn't get much of my own work done. We were working with a skeleton crew, so there were plenty of interruptions. One of the other ladies suggested that she and I take a drive over the lunch hour, just to decompress. We stopped to get a burger and I saw the Happy Fence! Unfortunately, I just had the phone to snap a picture, so I apologize for the poor quality. However, I have laughed about it all day and just had to share.

Happy Friday, Everybody!
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