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Currently, I'm drinking coffee and watching A Long Day's Journey Into Night. I'm really not sure why I chose such dark and heavy material this early in the day, but when I found it, I immediately put the remote down.

Miss Katharine Hepburn . . . there just aren't enough words to describe how much I enjoy her. In my opinion, she was never really beautiful, at least in Hollywood's definition of beauty, but that's part of her appeal.

And? Every time I see her on screen, I expect her to say, "We saw the Encantadas, but on the Encantadas, we saw something Melville hadn't written about."

That is all, you're excused. :-D

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While wandering aimlessly through the tubes, I saw a photo of a very handsome gentleman playing an accordion and it made me remember my beloved [ profile] schadenkatze and a memory she shared with me shortly before she left.

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