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I just want thank [ profile] cherrypin_up again for the wonderful Schadenfreude pie recipe. Mein Gott im Himmel! Es ist der beste Kuchen aller Zeiten!

When I took the first bite, the texture was soooo smooth and delightful. The initial tastes were chocolate and molasses, but it actually tasted more like honey. As I chewed, the Kahlua told me how thrilled he was to be at the party, and the almost, but not quite overwhelming sweetness of the corn syrup was a perfect touch.

The good news: The pie I brought for the serving table, didn't get sliced and plated immediately. I was standing in line for my food and actually heard people asking the committee to hurry up and slice it, they WANTED it! I received 8 emails from the lucky folk who managed to grab a piece, telling me how awesome it was. The second pie was purchased for $8 in the silent auction.

Sadly, this perfect blend of deliciousness did not impress the judges as much as some of the less labor intensive, heavy on fluff items. The winner had lots of cool whip and sliced fruit. We'll just see if we invite any of the judges to our ATH booze and chocolate gatherings! haughty sniff

The best news of all though - we raised a grand total of $757.00 for House of Hope

Oh, and as of 4:30pm CST, I am officially on holiday until the 13th.

Yup, it was a pretty good Thursday!

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