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Okay, today, one of the ladies in our office stated that each person is born with a guardian angel.

Now, I have no reason to doubt that. In fact, my guardian angel has logged some heavy overtime hours. While my life has not been charmed by any stretch of the imagination, I have made it through some pretty bad situations, sometimes, unscathed.

So, here is where my incessant imagination went with the aforementioned statement:

01. If each person is born with a guardian angel, does Heaven have an unlimited supply of angels already, or are new angels produced daily?

02. After a person dies, does their angel stay with them for the next leg of their journey, or does that angel receive a new charge?

03. If a person dies and their angel receives a new charge, wouldn't there still need to be an unlimited supply or new angels produced daily?

04. Does the supply of angels increase exponentially with the world's population?

05. Are there more people alive now than have already died?

06. Will someone please send me some Lithium or other psychoactive drug?

07. Are you aware that according to scientific theory, Lithium is one of the few elements synthesized in the Big Bang?

08. HELP!
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