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Hey All, long time, no type.

I had to escape Facebook for a while, at least until the insanity over the election dies down a bit.

Trump’s win has devastated me. The thought that in the twenty-first century, a man can base his entire campaign on hate, and half of America is okay with that is overwhelming.

Planned Parenthood, affordable healthcare, Roe v. Wade, LGBT rights, climate / environmental changes, racial equality, education, all of the issues we MUST address are gone.

The public outcry and protests that have erupted are terrifying. I get it, though. I will not participate, but I will not condemn it, either. As long as there are Americans living in fear, I will support the “revolution”.

::whew:: I’ve been wanting to get that off my chest for a few days, I cannot say it on Facebook, so this will be my sounding board. Thanks for putting up with me.

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